Caspian, Michigan

Community Center

Caspian Community Center is currently CLOSED

View inspection report of the Caspian Community Center (cost of inspection: $1850)
D&L Plumbing was at the Center on 11/20/14 to winterize but the pipes were froze. The cost for this was to be $5440

The Caspian Community Center is one of the oldest original Community Centers still in operation. The Center is open for the youth from October 1 thru May 1 from 5:00 to 8:30 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday nights. The Center offers an indoor basketball court, pool table, air hockey, and game room for thCommunity Centere little ones. The Center also has meeting rooms that are available for rent for wedding receptions, showers, birthday parties or any other special occasions. The Center has a playground with swings, jungle gym, slides, sandbox, teeter-totter, and a merry-go-around which is all fenced in. Besides the playground there are basketball courts, and tennis courts.

The Center is run by a Board which consists of twelve members. The Center is financially supported by two ways. Every Thursday night from 6:00p.m. to 9:30p.m. the Center has Bingo, which provides financial support to the Center's operations. The other way that the Center is supported is from a millage that the residents of the City of Caspian pay.

On an average night the Center will have from 30 to 40 youths there. The Center is also the meeting place for a 4-H Group and a local Brownie Troop.

The City of Caspian has invested in a new play area for the Community Center in memory of Tullio DePaoli.




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