Parking & Traffic


            An Ordinance establishing a Parking Violations Bureau for the City of Caspian, and prescribing penalties related to parking offenses.

The City of Caspian ordains:

Parking Violations Bureau

    1.  Pursuant to Section 8395 of the Revised Judicature Act, State of Michigan, as added by Public Act 154 of 1968, a parking violations bureau, for the purpose of handling alleged parking violations within the city, is hereby established. The parking violations bureau shall be under the supervision and control of the Twin Cities Police Department.

    2.  The Twin Cities Police Department shall, subject to the approval of the City Commission, establish a convenient location for the parking violations bureau, hire necessary employees to administer the bureau and adopt rules and regulations for the operation thereof.

    3.  No violation not scheduled in Section 8 of this ordinance shall be disposed of by the parking violations bureau. The fact that a particular violation is scheduled shall not entitle the alleged violator to disposition of the violation at the bureau and in any case the person in charge of such bureau may refuse to dispose of such violation in which case any person having knowledge of the facts may make a sworn complaint before any court having jurisdiction of the offense as provided by law.

    4.  No violation my be settled at the parking violations bureau except at the specific request of the alleged violator. No penalty for any violation shall be accepted from any person who denies having committed  the offense and in no case shall the person who is in charge of the bureau determine, or attempt to determine, the truth or falsity of any fact or matter relating to such alleged violation. No person shall be required to dispose of a parking violation at the parking violations bureau and all persons shall be entitled to have any such violation processed before a court having jurisdiction thereof if they so desire. The unwillingness of any person to dispose of any violation at the parking violations bureau shall not prejudice him or in any way diminish the rights, privileges and protection accorded to him by law.

    5.  The issuance of a traffic ticket or notice of violation by a police officer of the City shall be deemed an allegation of a parking violation, such traffic ticket or notice of violation shall indicate the length of time in which the person to whom the same was issued must respond before the parking violations bureau. It shall also indicate the address of the bureau, the hours during which the bureau is open, the amount of the penalty scheduled for the offense for which the ticket was issued and advise that a warrant for the arrest of the person to whom the ticket was issued will be sought if such person fails to respond within the time limits.

Snow Ban

    6.1  In order to facilitate snow plowing during winter months, owners of vehicles shall not permit their vehicles to be parked on any street within the City of Caspian between the hours of 2:30 a.m. and 7:00 a.m., from the beginning of November through the end of April, inclusive.

    6.2  Any vehicle parked on any street within the City in violation of Section 6.1 may be towed from its location to a location designated by the Chief of Police at the direction of a Twin Cities Police Officer, in order to facilitate snow removal from City streets. The owner of the towed vehicle shall be responsible for towing expenses, in addition to the civil infraction assessment scheduled in Section 11 of this Ordinance, plus costs of the prosecution.


    7.1  The following city street or streets where parking will be prohibited on one side or both as signs may designate are:   

            (1)  Brady Avenue between Caspian Avenue and Morgan Street.

            (2)  Brady Avenue between Jobe Street and East 1st Street.

    7.2  A separate offense shall be deemed committed under Section 7.1 on each day during which a violation occurs or continues.

    8.  A violation of any provision of this Ordinance is a civil infraction. Any person convicted of violating any provision of this Ordinance shall be liable for a fine in the amount listed on the schedule described as Section 8, Appendix A, attached hereto and incorporated by reference herein, plus costs of prosecution.

    9.  Codified April 29, 1986.