Caspian, Michigan

Industrial Park Development


Fully-Developed sites for sale or lease
- Building to specifications
- Protective zoning and perpetual covenants
- Accesses
         - Internal roads
         - Intermediate Federal Highway
- Facilities
         - Natural gas & electrical energy
         - Municipal water supply
         - Municipal fire fighting equipment
         - Sewer and waste treatment

Caspian understands the important role community facilities play in helping industry select new expansion sites. As a result, the city offers the following Community Features:

EDUCATION - Recent studies reveal a disproportionate number of Michigan's top schools are located in rural areas - including the Upper Peninsula. You'll find a highly effective public school system in the area.

RECREATION - The area itself offers a private golf course and over 300 acres of parks and recreational areas of Iron County offer over 30,000 acres of water bodies suited for swimming, boating, skiing, and fishing. State and Federal forest and Parks consisting of 350,000 acres provide opportunities for hiking, camping, and sightseeing. The winter brings skating, skiing, and snowmobiling.

HOUSING - The area's older districts are well-maintained and attractive. Modern subdivisions provide full city services and numerous lots are available for construction.

PUBLIC SERVICES - You'll find daily and weekly newspapers, cable TV. reception, modern hospital facilities, friendly churches of various denominations, an enthusiastic business, and professional community and efficient city and county governments.

A more complete brochure is available upon request. We'll gladly discuss any questions you might have regarding expansion within our community - with your anonymity respected at all times.

Address your inquiries to:

Caspian City Manager
P.O. Box 273
Caspian, Michigan 49915

Phone: (906)265-2515 or email:


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